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the base of the bighorn mts. in Wyoming, where mountain waters run clear and cattle graze in open ranges


‘western-style’ dense ice cream, [Originated in Sheridan, Wyoming] is a handcrafted process using western-sourced heavy cream. unlike mass produced premium brands – our ice creams are so dense you’ll bend your spoon!


We handcraft, hand mix and hand pack every pint. Never mass produced, our Heavy cream Process uses less air, resulting in more cream in each pint.


we saw the trend away from sugar and Heavy cream content ice cream and hightailed it outta’ dodge in search of a better way. we’re proud to say we’ve found it!

original western-style ice cream

in 1890 wyoming joined the union and homesteaders brought their family recipes for old fashioned ice cream with em’. cowboy creamery Western-style ice cream continues that handcrafted tradition.  back then, handmade meant no compressed air to thin out the cream. 

Cowboy Creamery ‘Western-style’  is made in small batches of slow churned, handcrafted and hand packed ice cream. Our ice creams are so dense with heavy cream, they’ll bend your spoon. 

Did Ya’ Hear? The 3rd most popular ingredient in mass produced ice cream (behind dairy and sweetners) is air?? 

Huh?… Yup! Mass Produced Premium Brands pump compressed air into the churning cream to expand and thin it out, so they can fill more pints. but what are they fillin’ the pints with?

folks are talkin'

“Absolutely delicious! The guy who helped us was extremely kind and even gave my son a sample while I made up my mind on what to get (as a mom I REALLY appreciate this). Worth every penny for good quality ice cream!”
Taylor C.
“Never knew there was a difference in ice cream, once I tried Cowboy Creamery ice cream I now know what quality ice cream tastes like.”
kurtis h.
“Oh my gosh, just stopped in to try some yummy ice cream, and this does not disappoint! My kids had the containers open before we even got home! Great job, we will be back!”
Alesis N.
Wow! This ice cream is so good! Hands down some of the best that I have ever eaten.”
ryan m.