Bighorn Chocolate


Handcrafted and hand-packed – slow churned ‘Western-Style’ – ice cream. The most cocoa in any of our creams. A true old fashioned chocolate.

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Cowboy Creamery handcrafts our ‘Western-Style’ Bighorn Chocolate ice cream in small 3-gallon batches, assuring artisan quality and flavor in each spoonful. We start with dairy from western range cows and mountain fresh water from the Bighorn range in Wyoming.Each batch of our vanilla ice cream is aged under climate control for 24 hours, before being made into ice cream.

Using our high cream recipe, we slow churn our creams – to reduce air trapped in the cream – in order to avoid thinning out the finished ice cream. Cowboy Creamery ‘Western-Style’ Bighorn Chocolate ice creams are so dense with high volume cream, and lower volume air, you’ll bend your spoon with the first bite.


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